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Ski Federation Posts for 05/10/2022

  Parts of Utah’s Newest Ski Resort Could Open This Summer By Ian Wood | May 5, 2022 3:07 pm ET “So your activity during the day will be focused on the ski beach…your outdoor dining, watching the skiers come down, and really partaking. And then during the afternoon, it really shifts after après and goes to the…

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Ski Federation Posts for 04/12/2022

NSCF Newsbeat April 2022   By Jo Simpson  ♦ Bipartisan Caucus Aims to Support Ski Industry Threatened by Climate Change. Reestablished in 2014, the Ski and Snowboard Caucus brings awareness and creates bipartisan solutions to the social, economic and political issues of the ski and snowboarding industry, which is increasingly at risk of warming winters and…

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The Midwest Sportster (formerly the Minnesota Skier) is the official publication of the Midwest Sport/Ski Council.  It provides a forum for the clubs to share information about trips and other activities.  It contains ads from the clubs and paid advertising from industry vendors, which provide information about trips, ski areas, lodging, transportation, and equipment. It was published every four months in newspaper format, and was changed to a three month electronic format in July 2017.

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